Who is Michael Berookim

He is a passionate advocate for education and academic success. He began his entrepreneurial journey before even graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles. In the year 2000, Michael Berookim with his twin brother, Mark Berookim, created one of their first companies called The Marcole Group, a unique combination of their names, energies, creative ideas and approach to education and academic accessibility. Michael underwent schooling through the public education system in Los Angeles, through LAUSD. Afterwards, he received his Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA when he graduated in 2005.

Michael was always interested in the value of education from the start. This made him uniquely capable of creating business models and approaches that would make education available and accessible to low-income families. This is particularly true when he and his brother Mark Berookim co-founded The Academic Advantage which was very popular and prominent in the state of New York. This propelled Michael to pursue similar business models and approached in his home state of California in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills communities.

Later, their entrepreneurial ingenuity and foresight led them to create a high tech concept called Everly: On-demand tutoring requested through a mobile app that is flexible with schedules, tutors’ profiles and availability, subject material, level of complexity and more.

Their pursuit of education has never ended. Michael’s experiences led him to be a co-founder and CEO of another great company called High Rise Financial, something that would benefit victims of personal injury accidents in the legal sector and the world of law. High Rise Financial is a legal funding company that primarily provides legal funding to plaintiffs who are victims of personal injury accidents such as medical malpractice, automobile accidents, slip and falls, nursing home negligence, elder abuse, dog bite attacks, construction accidents and more. The key commonality between all these cases which are funded through High Rise Financial is that there was a victim who sustained injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence. Michael Berookim sought to create a helpful tool and resource for individuals of legal cases who could not afford to wait for their case to settle or for an insurance company to pay them their due award. This brilliant development has helped countless individuals all throughout the United States benefit from pre-settlement and post-settlement funding options.

In Michael Berookim’s portfolio of achievements are nuggets of true success stories. He was a founder and CEO of the following businesses: The Academic Advantage (formerly called The Tutors’ Club), The Marcole Group and High Rise Financial.

His philanthropic history recount donations and gracious contributions made to several non-profit organizations. He has contributed close to half a million dollars to charities and organizations including but not limited to: the Magbit Foundation, LA’s Best After School Program, LAUSD’s Beyond the Bell After School Program and the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation and Maccabi USA.