President Trump Welcomed France’s President Emmanuel Macron at White House

This blog post was not written by Michael Berookim and does not reflect the opinions of Michael Berookim.

President Trump’s alliance meeting today with French President Emmanuel Macron went seemingly well. The French President and his wife were welcomed by approximately five hundred US Military members as well as a 21 gun salute.

On Tuesday night, the White House hosted a State Dinner. The two world leaders discussed three primary topics during their meeting: the Iran Nuclear deal, the denuclearization of North Korea and the crisis in Syria.

President Trump was able to sway the French President away from his prior position that the Iran Nuclear deal should remain intact. Mr. Macron also supports a new deal should be forged with Iran, which is in alignment and consistent with the White House’s position on the topic.

As to the issue of the chemical weapons in Syria- the bases which were attacked with the help of US allies- France and Britain- was a successful strike against Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime. It seems President Macron was able to sway President Trump to leave a footprint behind in Syria to ensure the situation does not worsen- by leaving troops behind although Mr. Trump wanted to leave Syria sooner.

The France-USA alliance is positive and strong which will hopefully forge ahead to tackle difficult world issues.